Welcome to Spring Fringe


Bonn, Germany
28 to 30 April 2017

Look forward to an exciting weekend of Scottish Country Dancing for dancers aged thirty-six or over and from seven to eleven. There will be classes for intermediate and advanced dancers, a Kids’ Class, three evening dances (a Welcome Dance on Friday, a Ball on Saturday – both organised by Spring Fling – and Tanz in den Mai on Sunday, organised by Spring Fringe).
And there will be great teachers (JIMMIE HILL and LINDA HENDERSON, and IRIS WÄHNER for the Kids’ Course) and musicians (LINDSEY IBBOTSON and SILKE GROSHOLZ), lots of old friends and new – and lots of fun!

We are very happy that over a hundred dancers have registered for Spring Fringe. Unfortunately this means that we are now fully booked. You are still welcome to register, but please note that all further applications will be put on a waiting list.

And we are very happy that enough children have signed up for the Kids’ Course to take place. But more children aged seven to eleven are welcome!

For any questions, write an email to info@springfringe2017.de.