Teachers and Musicians

Jimmie Hill

Jimmie Hill comes from Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae where he learned country dancing as a child. Now living in Edinburgh, he teaches the demonstration team of Edinburgh University’s New Scotland club. He was a founder of the Brighton Branch and has taught all class levels from beginners to demonstration as well as children. He holds the Branch Award.

For several years he taught at RSCDS Summer School in St Andrews and has taught at Winter School, both AGM classes, TAC Summer School, Thistle Summer School and at day schools and workshops throughout the UK, Europe and North America. He is an RSCDS adjudicator. He has served on various committees, including The Management Board, and is founding editor of Scottish Country Dancer. His dance The Dancers’ Wedding  was published in Book 41. He wrote The Kandahar Reel  booklet.

Jimmie had a long career in EFL (English as a Foreign Language): teaching, teacher training, publishing and writing. Opera (not Wagner) and sailing are his main other interests.


Linda Henderson

Linda Henderson is originally from North Berwick, near Edinburgh, and now lives in California. She began Scottish Country Dancing at primary school and is a former competitive Highland dancer. Linda grew up in a musical household. Her father plays accordion and she played piano in a Scottish Country Dance band; she is passionate about the blending of the music and dance. Linda took her RSCDS Teaching Certificate at St Andrews. She is married, has three grown-up children and works in kindergarten.

Linda teaches in the San Francisco Branch and has taught workshops throughout the United States (including Hawaii) and Canada. She has been on staff at St Andrews Summer School, Pinewoods Dance Camp and TAC Summer School. Linda is also an experienced ceilidh caller. She views dancing as an evolving art form, learning from traditions and looking to the future. It gives her great pleasure to share the music and fun of Scottish Country Dancing with dancers from far and wide.



Lindsey Ibbotson is a fiddler from Cambridge, UK. Already a keen dancer and qualified teacher, she began playing as part of the International Team who perform at the Newcastle Festival each year. Since then she has played at the RSCDS St Andrews Summer School, Australian Winter School and Spring Flings in Dundee, Lyon and Edinburgh. She plays frequently for classes and events in and around Cambridge, and in several ensembles  including a fiddle-piano duo with her husband Tom.


Silke Grosholz

Silke Grosholz was born in Munich and lives there with her family. She started Scottish Country Dancing and playing classical piano at primary school. In 1994, she attended a musicians class with Muriel Johnstone and since then she has played for Scottish Country Dancing for day or weekend classes and for balls, together with her band Silke Grosholz and Friends. During that time she has attended a number of musicians classes, with, among others, Keith Smith, George Meikle, Muriel Johnstone and Ian Fraser. She has worked with lots of teachers, like Carola Fischer, Anika Lange, Tobias Hünger, Sjoerd von Leersum, Avril and David Quarrie and Malcolm Brown.

Silke is regularly booked for big balls all over Germany, e. g. in Berlin, Heidelberg, Munich and Hude/Hatten, but also in Györ, Salzburg or Paris. Her long-time dance experience shapes her musical style: make the dancers fly!



Iris Wähner was looking for a Breton dance group, but discovered Scottish dancing instead. Since 2000 she has been enthusiastic about all aspects of Scottish Country Dancing: about formations and step technique, music and dances – and about constantly meeting lovely people. She dances with the groups in Rheinbach near Bonn and Skua Dubh in Bonn and wherever else she gets the opportunity. In 2011, she completed her RSCDS Teaching Certificate in St Andrews.

At schools and dance events, Iris has been teaching a number of children’s and youth dance classes and workshops. Her dream is to form a Scottish Country Dance youth group in Bonn or the nearby Westerwald, where she lives. She is looking forward to teaching the Spring Fringe Kids’ Course and hopes that many young dancers are going to register!